Byrd’s Mini Storage

Securing 500,000+ sq. ft.

“Rhombus Systems is the best surveillance system for storage companies or any type of business hands down. If I had more locations, I’d purchase more of their cameras in a heartbeat.”

- Calvin Byrd, CEO of Byrd’s Mini Storage
Bryd storage container

About Byrd’s Mini Storage

Byrd’s Mini Storage is a self-storage company in Georgia with over 2,500 units across 8 locations. The CEO, Calvin Byrd, wanted better visibility over his 500,000+ sq. ft. operation and was looking to move beyond his traditional DVR system to something that offered a better user experience.

The Challenges

Byrd’s Mini Storage was previously using a traditional analog DVR system that was only a few years old. And while the system worked properly – it was siloed, outdated, and hardware intensive – making it difficult to manage and maintain. Calvin considered switching to a network system, but the thought of using an NVR and investing in more hardware did not appeal to him. He wanted a solution that was low maintenance and easy-to-use to better protect his business.

The Solution

With the previous system, viewing footage required an extensive amount of manual work and required Calvin to travel to each location. We worked with him to establish what was important and developed a tailored strategy to effectively transition him away from his previous system.

From planning to implementation, we rolled out 50+ cameras acrossn 8 locations in only 2 months. Set-up and installation took less than 10 minutes per camera saving the business valuable time and money.

The Benefits

Byrd’s Mini Storage gained a lightweight, cloud-managed video security system that removed the need for extensive maintenance. Calvin was now able to manage and remotely access his entire system through a browser or mobile device giving him more time to focus on other high-priority tasks. With our system’s advanced video indexing, Calvin was able to review large amounts of footage in a matter of minutes and understand what was happening at his organization.

Our solution not only improved his security but since implementation, employee accountability and efficiency have increased dramatically. Calvin is no longer tied to a specific location or desk and has more time to focus on his business without sacrificing security quality.

Keys To Success

We worked closely alongside Calvin to ensure smooth onboarding. Our sales team was incredibly responsive to his questions pre and post-deployment. By listening and understanding his needs, we shared specific product features that would address all of them appropriately. Our solution checked off his technical requirements and was easy-to-use, setup, and manage; which was just what he wanted.

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