Touch Of Color

Improving Operations with Accurate Data

“With Rhombus, the customer support we’ve received has been top-notch, and we now understand our customers on a much deeper level. Compared to the system we used previously, it’s like night and day.”

- Michael Thomas, Vice President of Sales
Outside of a Touch of Color store

About Touch Of Color

With multiple locations across Pennsylvania, Touch of Color Flooring (TOC Flooring) provides flooring and installation services to builders, commercial properties, and multi-family units across the nation. Michael Thomas, Vice President of Sales, was searching for a modern people counting solution to replace his existing system to improve foot traffic measurements, reporting, and store performance across multiple retail locations.

The Challenges

TOC Flooring leveraged people counting data to make more informed operations, sales and marketing decisions. Like most retail stores, TOC Flooring used a generic door counter to measure foot traffic, which only calculated people entering or exiting the store. If employees were going in and out to assist a client, the system had no way of distinguishing this and just logged this reoccurring event as a new visitor. The system provided inaccurate data which made it difficult to analyze and determine if marketing activities were working.

The Solution

TOC Flooring received Rhombus System’s intelligent people counting solution that delivered more accurate foot traffic data. TOC Flooring not only gained a people counter but the ability to use facial recognition, alongside video footage, to better understand their customers. Rhombus Systems is now deployed at multiple locations and has solved the problems they once experienced.

The Benefits

Rhombus Systems worked closely with TOC Flooring to ensure proper implementation of facial recognition and people counting. TOC Flooring acquired numerous benefits from using Rhombus Systems, which include:


With the Perception license enabled, TOC Flooring obtained general foot traffic measurements, unique people counts, and the ability for facial recognition. This combination allowed TOC Flooring to have more insights into the customers visiting their stores and greater control and accuracy when reporting the data by excluding reoccurring faces.

Understanding Clientele

“We now have the power to understand the type of people that visit our stores,” Michael shared during the interview. “We can determine if customers are male or female, what age group they are in, and etcetera.” By combing people counting with video, TOC Flooring can now manually review footage to better understand customers and make targeted marketing decisions to help grow the business.

Acurate Data

TOC Flooring acquired more accurate foot traffic data and used it to build retail performance reports for their executive team to review. Additionally, TOC Flooring now has the ability see the daily foot traffic logs across all stores. Michael summed it up perfectly, “With our previous system, it only counted when someone walked in or out. The data was really muddy. With Rhombus, we were able to segment general foot traffic and unique people counts to understand busy hours, seasonality, and when we should hire more staff.”

Deployment and Usability

Rhombus Systems worked with TOC Flooring to ensure installation and set-up was as seamless as possible. The UI has no learning curve, and with full 24/7 remote access from a browser or mobile device, TOC Flooring could access all of their people counting data from a single console.

Keys To Success

TOC Flooring’s success was predicated on gathering more accurate and usable data. We took the pain they were experiencing to heart. Even more so, our Account Executive, Natalie was determined to deliver the results TOC Flooring was looking for and provided 1-on- 1 support throughout the entire process. “Natalie was a pleasure to work with,” Michael exclaimed. “She wanted us to succeed in this project and provided great support to ensure the system was setup properly.”

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